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 guava jams, marmalades and pastes.
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Guava Gourmet Specialty Foods
 Fresh, Certified Kosher, Natural, Non-GMO Guava With No Preservatives.

Many studies say the Guava fruit is the second healthiest fruit there is. They call it the superfruit. The Guava Gourmet Family is proud to introduce to you our collection of all-naturtal artisan guava preserves! We offer a delicious selection of handcrafted jam, marmalade and guava paste fresh from our family farms to your kitchen. We here at Guava Gourmet promise to always provide only the best, all natural products free of any artificial preservatives what so ever.

From our family to yours!
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Our Gourmet Guava Paste is the perfect package of deliciousness. We highly recommend pairing this with your favorite cheeses to bring out
an amazing combination of flavors. With this much goodness packed into a convenient bar, it's no surprise many regard our Gourmet Guava Paste as a perfect addition to cheese boards, desserts, and appetizers.

Made from fresh guava fruit, our gourmet jam provides that sweet fruity flavor you're looking for when accompanying a variety of foods.
Guava jam makes a perfect ingredient to baked goods, mixed drinks, meat glaze and any other homemade sauce!

It's especially delicious when paired with  pastries, cheese, caviar, and even sushi.

With only the freshest preserves from our family farms, this all-natural marmalade will delight you with delicious tidbits of real guava fruit in every bite!

Guava marmalade makes a wonderful pairing to homemade dressings, mixed drinks or as a filling for baking desserts, pastries, or anything else your heart desires!  
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Hot Sauces
Barbecue Sauce
Ice Cream 
Guava Paste for earthquake kits

About Guava Gourmet

The new healthy rage, fresh from our family to yours!

Guava Gourmet™ is a family-run business that has been in operation for over 50 years!

Our mission over the years has always been to provide only the best, 100% all-natural products.

We will never add fillers, food coloring or preservatives to any of our products. We are also Certified Kosher. 
Guava Gourmet Jam
 The Health Benefits of Guava

Did you know Guava contains up to FIVE times the Vitamin-C content of an Orange?

  • Guava is also rich in Magnesium, which works as a nervous relaxant.  It additionally relaxes muscles and calms nerves. After that hard workout, Guava makes a great snack to naturally help unwind your muscles and get back to recovering faster.​​

  • Packed with Vitamin E, Fibers, Protein and Minerals.
    "The consumption of guava can cause substantial reduction in blood pressure and blood lipids without decreasing HDL (good cholesterol)."
    - The National Center for Biotechnology

  • Guava also makes a powerful supplement to your diet to decrease the risk of cancerous cells from developing. This is done by an antioxidant named Lycopene, which helps the body rid itself of free radicals, lessening the risk of developing cancer. 
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Our Quality Promise

Fresh, Certified Kosher, Natural, Non-GMO With No Preservatives.
Here at Guava Gourmet, we always follow strict quality standards during the production process.
Our promise to you is to always provide the very best all-natural products free of
any preservatives whatsoever. 

We only use non-GMO guava in all of our products.

One look at any of our ingredient labels, and you'll understand how little we change this already delicious fruit!