Who knew Guava was so versatile?
-Food Network

 "Guava fruit is responsible for some of the best pastries in the Caribbean".
- Huffington Post


  1. Guava BBQ Sauce
    One of the best slathers for ribs and ham. Its exotic fruitiness goes well with chicken, turkey, duck and even game. Guava paste is much beloved by Cuban Americans, Puerto Ricans, and South Americans too
  2. Fun to Say, Fun to Eat
    Cheese is a common pairing for guava paste. Guava empanadas are often made with cream cheese. Or, you can simply cut it into squares and serve with cheese for a quick appetizer. We've also seen a lot of dessert recipes that incorporate guava paste.
  3. Guava Worldwide
    This popular fruit is a powerhouse of nutrients. Many of you may have tasted this mouth-watering treat, or have at least seen or heard about it. Guava is very common in Asian countries, but is increasingly available in the western world, particularly as more of its health benefits are revealed.
  4. Guava Salads
    Stay cool in the heat with a healthy guava dish rich in vitamins and antioxidants. We all know someone who avoids vegetables on his plate, however, can still eat a salad composed of fruit. Guava is an excellent choice for it is a very healthy fruit, whether you eat it on its own or in a salad. It is also subtly sweet, perfect for a savoury dish.
  5. Learning Guava
    Guava with Yogurt ~ when you have an ingredient as uniquely wonderful as guava, simple is best ~ add it to some creamy yogurt, honey, and wheatgerm for a healthy and super delicious way to start the day.
  6. National Grilled Cheese Month
    We wanted to incorporate tropical flavors of pineapple, guava, mango and coconut for our Grilled Cheese Recipe challenge. We Baked a panini style grilled cheese sandwich in just a few minutes using a grill that cooks both sides of the sandwich golden brown, simultaneously.