Scrumptuous Cheese Boards are one of the best ways to highlight our gourmet guava. It’s easy to get creative and make a display that is not only delicious, but visually stunning as well!

Cheese boards, platters, hors d'evoeurs, and wine make for the perfect combo with our Guava! 
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  2. Cheese boards with crackers and Guava
  3. Guava Jam with Nuts and Cheese
  4. Gourmet Guava Jam and.... everything!
  5. Guava on the go with grapes and cheese
  6. Guava jam with Manchego
  7. Food Platter with cheese, grapes and Guava!
  8. Guava Jam and Marmalade with Cheese
  9. Guava, Cheese, Apples, and Bread
  10. Guava Marmalade and Paste with apples!
  11. Guava Marmalade,paste, and Jam with bread!
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A True Culinary Adventure: Guava and Cheese Pairings

Guava Paste with decadent cheese is a classic sweet-and-salty combination. Pair Guava with Gouda, Brie, Cheddar for a party ready appetizer that is sure to be a big hit! 

Let’s talk about that cheese! Baked Brie and Guava is one of my favorite hors d’oeuvres. It’s so soft and creamy, it’s positively dynamite! Guava paste is used as a filling and goes well with the sweet cream cheese dough.

Another idea for Guava with cheese boards - try arranging alternate slices of guava paste and slices of goat cheese on a small plate and drizzle on some warmed guava paste thinned with a little water.

Another idea is to put a thin slice of guava paste between thin slices of a spicy salami. It is out of this world.
You could easily serve it as party food.

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