Providing you the very best in handcrafted
 guava jams, marmalades and pastes.
Guava Gourmet 
Fresh, Tropical, Natural, Non GMO, No Preservatives

We are delighted to share Guava Gourmet's collection of artisan guava products with you! We offer a line
of handcrafted guava jam, guava marmalade, and guava paste containing 100% natural ingredients direct from our family farmers to the products.
Whether you use them as sauces, dessert toppings, cheese pairings, condiments, or ingredients, our natural artisan guava products will add rich flavor and effortless elegance to any dish or dessert.
From our family to yours!
  1. Guava Gourmet Marmalade
    Guava Gourmet Marmalade
  2. Guava Gourmet Jam
    Guava Gourmet Jam
  3. Guava Gourmet Paste
    Guava Gourmet Paste

Fresh, Tropical, Natural

Guava Gourmet  provides the freshest products available to
maximize their health properties and your satisfaction. Rich and luscious, with chunks of guava fruit in each spoonful. Use Guava Marmalade as a sauce

for pizza or a savory chutney sauce,
or as a filling for desserts, crepes, scones, empanadas, and more!

Staying Healthy

This obsession-inspiring paste offers the unique taste of tropical guava fruit in a flavorful convenient block.

It's delicious as a compliment to your favorite cheese. Use guava paste in salads, party platters, gift baskets,
and don't forget dessert! 
​Simply Decadent! 

Only the Best 

Guava Gourmet  believes that the key to a healthy and balanced lifestyle starts with a person’s diet. Made from fresh guava fruit; it's spreadably thick, rich and absolutely delicious.

Guava Jam makes a decadent appetizer when paired with cheese, caviar, pastry small bites, tapas and sushi.
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Guava Gourmet Jam
About Guava Gourmet


The new healthy rage, from the tree to your table

Guayeco Guava Gourmet is a family–run business that was started more than 50 years ago. 

All Guava Gourmet  products are 100% natural and made in sm
all batches with fresh fruit. Guava Gourmet  products contain no fillers, corn syrup, food coloring, nor preservatives.

Health Benefits ​of Guava

Guava has five times more Vitamin C than an orange.
Guava is an excellent source of antioxidants, which aid the digestive system.

Guava is rich in Vitamin B, potassium, and carotenoids.
Guava contains iron, which helps fight against colds and viral infections.

Guava has an abundance of astringents, known for enhancing
the skin.

Guava adds fiber to your diet, which helps reduce blood pressure.
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Our Quality
Fresh, Tropical, Natural, Non GMO, No Preservatives

When it comes to anything we do at Guava Gourmet  we follow strict quality standards.
We make sure our customers only receive the very best when it comes to our products and services. All Guava Gourmet  products are 100% natural made in small batches with fresh fruit containing no fillers, corn syrup, food coloring, nor preservatives.